Skin Cancers

 What should be done regarding a new lump or crusted area on the skin?


Any new skin lump or crusted area which persists on your skin should be checked to exclude skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma or “rodent ulcer” skin growth.
These are becoming more common and grow on sun exposed skin such as the face, back of hands or trunk.

Sun-damaged scaly patches called solar keratoses or Bowen’s disease can also mimic these skin cancers.
These areas may need to be biopsied first and then available treatments include complete surgical removal or creams such as 5-fluouracil or imiquimod to change the local skin immune system.

Are there any specific changes in an existing mole which should be checked?

Moles should be checked if any change has occurred such as increase in size, and change in shape or colour. If there is new redness, itching or bleeding this may also indicate significant change in the mole.
These features may indicate your mole needs to be removed and then examined under the microscope to exclude malignant change.

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